Celebrating 28 Years of Vision Of Love, released May 15, 1990The…

Celebrating 28 Years of Vision Of Love, released May 15, 1990

The debut single (off of her debut album); Vision Of Love not only went to No. 1, it was also the first of Mariah’s record-breaking achievement of having five consecutive No. 1 singles, an unprecedented feat. It stayed No. 1 for 4 straight weeks and was nominated for four Grammy Awards, including Record of the Year and Song of the Year.

Two music videos were shot, the first by Bojan Bazelli, the second by Andy Morahan. Record label executives at Sony claimed the video was re-shot by Morahan because they felt Bazelli’s version was subpar. However, Mariah has claimed certain people (read: Tommy Mottola) were unhappy with the first version of the video as it portrayed Mariah somewhat sexually in a bra.

Another amazing fact about the chart topper? A 1998 study done by the Touch Research Institute showed that Vision of Love had positive effects on the physiological and biochemical measures related to depressed females. Yup, the song helps alleviate depression. God bless you, Mariah.

For the “Fantasy” Remix, Mariah teamed up with Puff Daddy to strip the album version of its pop…

For the “Fantasy” Remix, Mariah teamed up with Puff Daddy to strip the album version of its pop production, and make it more distinctly hip-hop in sound. She even (on her preferred version of the remix) removed the bubbly chorus from the original, replacing it with the “I’m, in, heaven… with my boyfriend…” refrain interpolated from “Genius of Love.” 

Mariah had one last trick up her sleeve, and this, perhaps, was the most controversial: she wanted to get Ol’ Dirty Bastard, of the Wu-Tang Clan, to feature on the track. And she did. Now, such a notion doesn’t seemed far-fetched but then, in 1995, it seemed damn near scandalous.

Her label, her husband… they gagged. But, somehow, they let it happen.

However, fans of R&B, hip-hop and the like were floored. Never before had the genre (hip-hop) been embraced in such a big way by a “pop star.” And, that September, Mariah Carey forever changed the face of “pop music.”

It’s true, she didn’t invent the rap/sung collaboration, but she pioneered it, made it mainstream. The song was #1 everywhere, on every chart, and became the first song by a female artist to ever debut at #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, the remix helped keep the song at #1 for 8 weeks.

Since 1995, there have been countless songs by pop and R&B singers, featuring guest appearances from hip-hop artists, and vice versa. Sure, we could sit here and name them all, but it’s unnecessary. You’d be hard pressed to turn on the radio today and not find an example of Mariah and O.D.B.’s impact.

“Fantasy” is a bonafide classic. It’s a favorite among fans, non-fans, of the Diva herself, her peers and those she has inspired. It is indeed the exemplary song that married pop/R&B and hip-hop and changed the musical landscape from then-on.